IoT Connectivity Management

What is IoT Connectivity Management?

Connectivity Management Platforms (CMPs) are essential tools for mobile network operators (MNOs) in the age of IoT.


With the increasing number of connected devices and applications, CMPs enable MNOs to efficiently create IoT specific offerings, streamline service delivery and enable self-care support and operations processes for the enterprise customers.  

How are IoT devices different from smartphones?

Traditional connectivity services for smartphones are designed for human communicaton patterns. And while people have different communication behaviors, their use-cases are very similar and millions of customers can be served with few pricing models and network configurations.

Connectivity for IoT devices differs strongly between the many IoT use cases. A smart meter transmits a few bytes once a day, stays in one location and is being used for decades. While a GPS-based asset tracking system may send data every minute and travel around the world with an upredictable lifecycle that can last few days or many years.

As IoT is being adopted by virutally every industry, the number of use-cases is increasing and every customer may require a different pricing model and technical configuration.

Customers for IoT connectivity are service providers themselves, manufacturers of connected products or IoT solution providers. Connectivity is a part of their service offerings and a mission critical element in their supply chain. They require significantly higher service levels and tools to efficiently manage and operate their connected devices.

Such IoT Customers often operate in more than one country, while MNOs have been optimised to operate in each local market. IoT supply chains can be complex with centralized manufacturing in one country and deployment in many other markets. Many IoT products have a lifecycle that demands switching between different network providers in different countries. Mission critical applications even require multiple networks within one country to assure coverage in any situation.

That’s why IoT Connectivity Management needs to accommodate that global nature of the IoT business.  

Connectivity management is a vital process for any organization looking to reduce their ARPU and maximize savings.

By implementing effective strategies and technologies, businesses can:


  • Optimize their telecom resources
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve efficiency


This will result in a more productive and profitable enterprise.


To ensure cost-effectiveness for MNOs, our CMP is designed to be cloud- and CORE-agnostic, allowing for seamless integration and operation. Furthermore, we offer scalable license models suitable for low ARPU subscriptions.

Key success factors for IoT Connectivity Service Providers?

Outshine your Competition

MAVOCO enables you to enhance efficiency, gain profound insights into your business, and deliver end-to-end processes worldwide, spanning multiple networks, including cutting-edge technologies.

Get real time insights of your business to detect and act on unexpected behaviour, control usage and costs.

Rapid time 2 market through End to End Business Processes to launch new Products.

Increase your efficiency with Automation and Rules to reduce your costs to a minimum. 

Network Aggregation, Overlay feature and much more.

Integrate to multiple CMP(s) in order to have a single pane of glas with our Overlay capability.

Our Overlay capability enables you to efficiently manage various SIM bases by utilizing your existing platforms via our CMP, which acts as the main point of control and a single pane of glass for both you and your enterprise customers.

Aggregate multiple networks to support multinational customers and their supply chains

MAVOCO CMP works across network operators in different countries and handles settlement between operators within and outside an operator group to give a single-supplier-experience to multinational IoT customers.


With our Multi-Tenant capabilities, each affiliate can independently manage their own fleet, while providing an overview at the group level. This allows for the possibility to expand tenants both horizontally and vertically.

Account & user management
Create Accounting groups, Device types and many more.
Profile Management
Use the capability to create APNs, Different Roaming Profiles, Ip Pools, Service Profiles.
Reporting & Dashboard
Easily create Reports, scheduled Reports, view Usage Patterns & Analytics.

Business Processes made for IoT

Automate your IoT business processes with our platform, offering a single pane of glass to manage all your SIMs. Tailor pricing plans to your needs with our price plan management feature. Simplify your IoT management and focus on growing your business with our solution.

IoT Connectivity Management for Enterprises

With our CMP features, you can meet the demands of your customers and provide them with the best possible service. Leverage our state-of-the-art automation for SIM card management to offer your customers a seamless experience. Let us help you enhance your service offerings and exceed your customers’ expectations.

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