We create software for IoT Champions.

At a glance...

MAVOCO delivers software for Connectivity Service Providers and Enterprises who deploy and operate IoT devices with cellular connectivity on a large scale. 

Our carrier-grade solution meets the the highest standards for availability, scalability and security and is trusted by tier-1 mobile network operators. 

MAVOCO CMP streamlines, automates and digitalizes all workflows of Connectivity Service Providers from selling to delivering, billing and invoicing of IoT connectivity services. 

MAVOCO Connectivity Hub helps enterprises like device manufacturers and solution providers manage their fleet of IoT devices and subscriptions across carriers and countries in a single pane of glass. 

MAVOCO CMP – a Carrier-Grade BSS/OSS stack Optimized and Dedicated to IoT Connectivity Services

One System to manage all your IoT SIMs accross MNOs, monitor and reduce costs and charge for connectivity.



BSS for IoT deployment, enabling shortest time2market.

Single MNOs & MNO groups


For centralized dedicated (virtualized) IoT CORE or in combination with existing mobile CORE(s).

flexible integration


Allows cost efficiency and compliance with local regulations, architecture and security policies of each MNO.



For smooth migration with minimal impact on customer experience.



Enables streamlined workflows and re-use of established procedures.

MAVOCO Connectivity Hub – One Single Pane of Glass across Carriers around the Globe.

Boosts operational efficiency, growth and revenue with MAVOCO Connectivity Hub.


Single Pane of Glass

Manage all your SIMs in one place, cross MNOs and countries

Cross-MNO, Coss-Country
SIM Management

Cross-MNO, Coss-Country
SIM Management

Aggregate CMPs and MNOs across the Globe to create a unified customer experience

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Advanced analytics for your entire business: consumption, costs, trends and much more.

Revenues from Connectivity

Revenues from Connectivity

Charge for connectivity and events based on your business needs.

Innovative Tariffs

Innovative Tariffs

Charge for add-on services or extra fees for different use cases

Communication is key to react dynamically. improve transparency. reduce complexity. deliver efficiency. achieve greatness.

MAVOCO provides the world’s most efficient IoT Connectivity Management Platform to help Connectivity Service Providers and their Enterprise Customers cut cost and shorten time-to-market when connecting IoT devices globally

We empower Mobile Networks Operators to create, deliver and scale competitive and profitable IoT Connectivity Services for the domestic and international market.

" At MAVOCO we believe that throughout history communication has enabled humans to collaborate in complex societies. In the 21st century, we believe that connectivity is doing the same for our growing ecosystem of technologies. "

Scale your IoT Business now!


Consolidate all your IoT subscription in a dedicated BSS-stack either stand-alone or integrated with your existing IT environment with streamlined end-to-end workflows for all your business processes. 


Create & manage your products, tariffs plans, customer accounts & contracts in an intuitive self-care interface and manage SIMs, APNs & network resources in one place – the CSP Portal.


Execute automated bill runs, create statistics, notifications & reports with our real-time Billing engine for wholesale, retail, B2B & B2B2X business relations.


Monitor usage & costs in real-time to prevent misuse, fraud or bill shocks.  See the performance and utilization of network components to prevent service impairments or down-times.

Optimize your operational expenses & reduce licensing costs to accommodate for the low-ARPU & high-volume nature of IoT Connectivity Services in LTE-M and NB-IoT.

Give customers the power to service themselves and let them manage & automate their own subscriptions including remote diagnostics & troubleshooting via APIs or our Enterprise Portal.

Connectivity Management Platform
Kaleido Champion

MAVOCO as your IoT Partner

Experts working with MNOs and Enterprises

MAVOCO’s core competence is working with network operators, and their IoT business processes and technologies. Consistently ranked among the top 3 CMPs by specialised analysis for the last 3 years

Carrier grade technologies and services

The services we offer are design for high levels of availability and the technology is built for carriers to enable mission critical services.

Flexible Portfolio

Begin modestly and scale up gradually. Tailored for low-power/low-ARPU subscriptions. The most cost-effective CMP available, catering to both low and high volumes.

Fast Delivery

CMP readily available (SaaS) or easily deployable (On-prem) MAVOCO’s CMP is pre-integrated into many MNOs and CMPs across the globe.
Ready to be integrated into the enterprise environment.

Our Enterprise Portal

Empowers the Enterprise Customers of a CSP giving customers full control and transparency to manage and automate millions of connected devices, is the basis for operational efficiency – for the enterprise customer and the CSP.

Our CSP Portal

Is the cockpit for the different team members of a mobile network operator. From service creation over fulfilment and support to billing and invoicing – the CSP Portal gives full control to product and pricing managers, SIM management and customer care and operations teams.

Join the Next Generation CMP

Operational efficiency and time to market are key success factors when deploying IoT Services locally and globally.

  • Single pane-of-glass for SIMs form multiple MNOs
  • Single stock with eSIM Provisioning
  • Tailor made price plans
  • Streamlined fullfillment, support & operations
  • API & Rule based automation of workflows

Tired of Outdated & Costly CMPs?

The first legacy CMPs emerged before 2010 with inefficient architectures and outdated technologies – time to move on.

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Seamless Migration
  • Cloud-agnostic architecture
  • Automated switch-over procedures
  • Parity to Legacy CMP

When you win, we win.

MAVOCO is the only independent software company which is fully dedicated and 100% focused on IoT Connectivity Management Software for Connectivity Service Providers.


As a trusted partner we are by your side every step of the way.

  • A team that has decades of experience in running IoT business units for some of the largest operator groups in the world
  • Our Customer Success Managers guide you through the challenges of a low-ARPU & high-complexity market.   
  • RFP-compliance rate is already the highest, and your needs are our roadmap.

The right solution for every player in the IoT value-chain

Are you a Connectivity Service Provider?

Whether you are an MNO, wholesale carrier, MVNO or reseller, we address your challenges in delivering IoT connectivity to your customers.

Are you an IoT Service Provider?

We put all functionality at your fingertips so your devices are up and running in a snap.

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