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MAVOCO feature descriptions and documentation.

Feature Descriptions

SIM Management

Automate your SIM Management workflows from handling purchase orders to SIM onboarding, provisioning, and every action thereafter.

Account and Contract Management

Onboard, provision contract details and lifecycle-manage your Customers.

User Management

Create and manage your users and your Customer’s users. Single sign-on, multi factor authentication, identity delegation, federation and more.

Network Resource Management

Define which services your SIMs can use, security profiles, APNs, roaming profiles and more.

Price Plans and Product Management

Create and manage your offerings using flexible price plans for different types of SIMs, as well as usage-based and non-usage-based elements.

Billing and Invoicing

Navigate through the complex IoT landscape using our real-time rating and billing system which ensures transparent, accurate, and timely billing and invoices.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Stay on top of your business! Both you and your customer can visualize your business in real time.

Monitoring and Logging

Gain full visibility to the history of automated & user-generated actions and monitor the status of the platform processes and resources.

Automation and Self-care

Stay on top of your business! Both you and your customer can visualize your business in real time.

Multi-platform Overlay

Aggregate multiple CMPs and MNO networks into a single-pane-of-glass, resell and/or broker connectivity.

Reseller Customer Management

Build strong relationships with wholesale customers and increase your revenue. Resellers can manage own customers, price plans, monitor usage, control costs, and manage their own IoT bills.
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