IoT Business Processes & Building Blocks

Streamline your IoT business processes with our next-gen CMP. Our solution offers advanced automation capabilities to cover and automate a wide range of business processes starting from SIM management & SIM Life Cycle, to user management, product- & price plans and much more. 

Improve Your Efficiency

With our extensive experience in the IoT segment, we have developed the right business processes to help you easily manage your IoT business.

Our team has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the IoT space, and we know how to navigate them to achieve success.


Our focus on business processes means that we are always looking for ways to optimize and streamline your operations, so you can focus on what you do best: creating innovative IoT solutions that transform the world around us. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and tailor our services to meet their specific requirements.

Our CMP contains the following business processes to help you easily manage your SIMs and users, from inventory and onboarding to reporting and network resource management.

Our IoT Business Processes & Capabilites to get your Business Automated

SIM Inventory & Lifecycle Management


Simplify the management of SIM cards and eSIMs through our user-friendly CSP Portal. Streamline your purchase orders, onboarding, provisioning, and lifecycle management to save time and reduce costs.

Stay in control of your SIM connectivity, detect fraud attempts, and customize your pricing. With our automation capabilities, SIM-related activities become hassle-free. You can move SIMs between accounts, create IMSI and MSISDN Pools, and customize SIM fields in our CSP Portal.

User Management

Be empowered to manage users within your organization and your customers' organization through our user management application. Define access rights and templates to ensure the right level of access for each user. We offer single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and identity federation for added security. You can also restrict platform access based on blacklisted IPs and switch to an enterprise account as needed.

  • Rapid customer onboarding of customer accounts & sub-accounts

  • Support for resellers and wholesale partners

  • Flexible user creation, permission management and access control

Account Management (Onboarding & Reporting)

Our CSP Portal offers a user-friendly interface that enables you to effortlessly onboard companies, accounts, and sub-accounts while defining appropriate contract frameworks. Moreover, our account management capability streamlines the onboarding, provisioning, and lifecycle management of your customers' accounts, making it a hassle-free process.

By leveraging our CSP Portal, you can easily manage all aspects of contract data, commitments, discounts, entitlements, and add-on capabilities and statuses in a single centralized location. In addition, our powerful account reporting capabilities and dashboards provide valuable insights that can help your customers gain a better understanding of their business operations.

CSP Reporting & Notifications

Track and manage your business effortlessly with our advanced reporting and notifications. The CSP dashboard helps you stay in control of your SIM inventory, vendors and products. You can even set low inventory alerts. View statistics of all your enterprises on the Account statistics page. Automated reports are generated and you can create custom reports and notifications to fit your business needs.

Your customers can also monitor usage patterns and costs through their own Enterprise Dashboard.

Network Resource Management

Our Network Resource Management automates SIM card provisioning and integrates networks, setting up services like data, SMS, and voice. You can allocate static IP addresses, configure roaming profiles and zone models to optimize resource usage and costs. Our Service & Roaming Profile Management controls SIM card inventory and (e)SIM profiles to prevent misuse. You can also manage network assets like APNs and IP addresses to ensure your network meets subscriber needs.

Price Plan & Product Management

Our Price Plans and Product Management capability simplifies the creation and management of price plans for postpaid and prepaid usage. Choose plans for individual SIMs or pools of SIMs, and rate usage in real-time for a variety of services including data, SMS, voice, energy consumption, distance, and more. Our add-on catalog lets you configure additional charges for non-usage services like VPN and IP addresses. Tailor your price plans for each customer segment with ease.

  • Self-care tariff plan creation for customer specific offerings

  • Roaming and country zone configuration

  • Flexible tariff logics for pooling, tiering, capping, etc.

Billing & Invoicing

Our Billing and Invoicing feature offers comprehensive online charging, allowing you to set billing cycles and opt for either advance or retrospective billing for prepaid or postpaid subscriptions. MAVOCO CMP generates usage and cost items and feeds the bill to your own billing systems.

  • Full online charging capabilities

  • Retail and wholesale billing support

  • Integration with BSS for invoicing & collection


Self Care


Our Self-care feature provides your customers with the ability to manage their SIM cards, including tasks like changing billing status, network status, roaming profiles, and security profiles. Additionally, this capability also enables them to generate purchase orders.

With our Self-care feature, customers can efficiently manage devices with SIMs, set automation rules and actions, and even access SIM location information. These capabilities not only benefit your customers by giving them more control, but also help reduce costs and effort for both you and your customers.


The importance of security cannot be overstated, which is why we have implemented robust measures to safeguard your account. For instance, portal access is restricted by IP, which ensures that only authorized personnel can gain access to your account.

To provide an additional layer of security, we have also introduced a SIM authentication service that verifies the authenticity of your SIMs. Furthermore, our platform allows you to create and manage security profiles, which enable you to customize your account security settings to suit your unique requirements. By availing of our comprehensive security features, you can be confident that your data is secure and well-protected from any potential threats.

If you’re looking for a reliable and comprehensive SIM and user management platform, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you manage your network and services more efficiently.

And even more Benefits coming along with our CMP

Workflow Automation

Our platform simplifies network operations with integrated workflows, profile and policy-based provisioning, and rule-based automation of SIM lifecycles. This streamlines network management, reduces human error, and saves time. By improving productivity and reducing costs, our solutions help operators stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.


  • Integrated workflows for network operators via GUI

  • Profile & policy-based provisioning of network communication plans

  • Rule-based automation of SIM lifecycles

High availability & resiliency

  • Geo-redundancy options (active/active or active/standby)

  • Load-balancing across data centers

  • Backup and disaster recovery across locations

Legal & regulatory compliance

  • Flexible deployment options to comply with data sovereignty laws

  • Customizable to meet regulatory reporting & audit obligations

  • Integration with digital ID verification & authentication

Operational efficiency & scalability

  • On-premise, cloud and hybrid deployment options

  • Managed services for IT operation & maintenance

  • Flexible support models with L1/L2/L3 distribution

Cost efficiency

  • Optimized for low ARPU subscriptions

  • Differentiated licensing for LPWAN subscriptions

  • Tiered pricing models for profitable growth

The MAVOCO CMP Core modules

The Enterprise Portal provides a functionality rich environment for accounts to manage their SIM state. This includes the creation and management of automation rules which automate the SIM management.


The CSP Portal is a single pane of glass which provides the functionality needed for the network operator to onboard and manage accounts, create and manage price plans.


CMP Account Management : Network operators can assign the resources necessary for SIM Cards to be purchased and then operate over mobile networks to the accounts. Ultimately, these resources are made available to Enterprise Portal Account Users for the management of their own SIM inventory. Additionally, service providers can view and edit the details of any existing Account/Sub-Account, as well as create new Accounts/Sub-Accounts.


CMP Resource Management provides the functionality needed for the network operator to manage all the network, service and SIM card assets related to:

  • Providing an IoT connectivity service.
  • Manage purchase orders and provision SIM Cards to accounts

CMP Billing Management provides the ability to define and manage the Service Catalogue and Billing Cycle execution.


CMP Overlay – Some network operators use it to consolidate older or less powerful systems, while others offer connectivity from their own group or from partners in other geographical areas. MAVOCO offers a plug and play integration to external Connectivity Management Platforms: to Nokia WING, CISCO Jasper, Comarch CMP, Vodafone GDSP and Ericsson DCP .


CMP Provisioning – Network operators can provision the resources to the account that are necessary for it to begin its IoT business operations, such as roaming profiles, service profiles, APNs and price plans.

CMP Rating & Authentication provides the authorization and accounting functionalities for diameter and radius interfaces. It rates EDRs (Event Data Records), generates usage reports and creates notifications about items such as first usage in billing cycle, test quota exceeded, prepaid renewal and so on.


CMP Monitoring – The CMP System can be integrated with the network operators monitoring environment for monitoring purposes.


CMP Central Authentication Service provides the functionality for network operators to manage users, access rights, and templates for access rights.


Data Analytics Repository – MAVOCO’s Data Analytics Repository has been developed for an optimal data processing solution. It is a sub-system of the CMP that is used to store, aggregate and evaluate data. It is Hadoop-based, which allows a distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers. Our Data Analytics Repository has been designed to scale up from a single server to thousands of servers.

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