Connectivity Service Provider Portal

The MAVOCO CSP Portal is the single pane of glass where connectivity service providers manage their IoT business. It’s designed to meet the needs of a CSP so that executing all IoT business processes becomes fast, easy and intuitive. This does not only mean the management and provisioning of SIM cards and their network resources, but also includes a fully flexible IoT oriented rating and billing solution.

Our CSP Portal to manage Your IoT Connectivity!

Compared to other systems, our CMP (Connectivity Management Platform) and as part of it, the CSP Portal is purely focused on the needs of the IoT connectivity business.



  • Managing products and price plans
  • On boarding and managing customers
  • Executing billing & accounting activities
  • Be able to support reseller business models
  • Get insights through reporting & business analysis

The Portal to support Your Business Processes.

The CSP Portal is build for connectivity service providers, selling IoT connectivity to enterprise customers. It is designed to give you the ability to add/ manage price plans, service catalogues and execute billing cycles. Onboard customers & contracts and further assign product entitlements to your customers.


Moreover you can manage SIMs and related resources to further assign these to customers. The portal is connected to other subsystems and it enables the automation of processes and operations. Just as an example: price plans are created and assigned from the CSP Portal, provisioned to the rating engine and are visible on the self care portal.

Insights to our Platform

Account &
User Management
Create accounting groups, device types and many more.
Profile Management
Use the capability to create APNs, different roaming profiles, Ip pools, service profiles.
Reporting & Dashboard
Easily create reports, scheduled reports, view usage patterns & analytics.

Account & user management

Create Accounting groups, Device types and many more.

Profile Management

Use the capability to create APNs, Different Roaming Profiles, Ip Pools, Service Profiles.

Reporting & Dashboard

Easily create Reports, scheduled Reports, view Usage Patterns & Analytics

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